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Compassion & Justice

Our tradition calls on us to protect the vulnerable, work for justice, and heal our world.


Through our Compassion and Justice activities we seek ways to do this, sustainably and effectively, in the realms of both service and advocacy.


We draw on Jewish wisdom to better understand the issues we want to address, and to work for change in ways that are grounded in both justice and compassion.


Currently, we focus on learning about and working towards racial, climate, and electoral justice.


WHO: Everyone who would like to participate in these efforts is welcome.


You don't need to be Jewish to work together to make the world better, or to explore and draw on Jewish wisdom on these topics.

Racial, Climate, and Electoral Justice Conversations

Mondays, 7:00-8:45 pm PT, October 24, November 14, December 12

Let's find our voices. Let's figure out our messages. Let's share our concerns. Let's participate in the life of our community, country, and world at this critical  time. 

As Jewish tradition teaches, "We are not obligated to complete the task, but neither are we free to avoid it."

Learn, explore, and share how to move forward with racial, climate, and electoral justice issues. Together we will find resources, ideas, and friends to support our individual efforts. Each little bit helps. They all add up. 


Come a little early, stay on a bit later, tell others,  bring interested friends. All are welcome!

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To learn more or to register for the next session, please contact Adrianne Bank.

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