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Rebecca Kopulsky's Adult Bat Mitzvah Talk • June 25, 2017 

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Rebecca Kopulsky

Learning, culture, and community have been defining pillars in my life. Having traveled abroad and fallen in love with language and all things spicy, I spent years passionately pursuing issues outside myself. I realized that there was a disconnect; I had not embraced my own cultural and spiritual identity. Despite my previously undefined and recent tumbling into faith, the unconditional welcome into our B’nei Mitzvah cohort this year created more than just a framework for spiritual learning and personal reflection. It helped me identify and build links of strength and awareness with this shared rich spiritual tradition and cultural history, its evolving commentaries and narratives, and tools which inform my world outlook moving forward. And so the journey continues! So much thanks to Rabbi Bridget Wynne and all of our classmates—Morgan, Shelly, Linda, Steve, David, and Alison— as we walk through these doors together.

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