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Eat, Sing, Connect: Friday Evening and Saturday Morning Shabbat Celebrations

It's easy to lose track of what matters most, whether we are caught up in the hassles of daily life, stressed by the news, or facing life's challenges.


Shabbat literally means "stop." It is a time to unplug from daily pressures so we can connect with what is most important in life.​

Join us to receive the gift of Shabbat.

Light candles, sing, enjoy wine or juice, challah, a vegetarian meal, and meaningful conversation. No experience is necessary, and all are welcome.


photo by Olaf Herfurth

WHO: You don’t need to be Jewish, or familiar with Jewish tradition, to draw on the riches of Shabbat! No experience is necessary, and you are welcome no matter what your background. Feel free to invite friends and family. 

HOW: We currently do not gather at participants' homes due to the pandemic. Join us Fridays at 6:00 pm PT online by Zoom for candle lighting and blessings over wine or juice and challah, or whatever you have!

We also hold Shabbat gatherings outdoors. Details and registration info for the next one scheduled will be here, and will also be sent to our mailing list.

QUESTIONS: We welcome your email, or your call at 510-545-9977. 

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