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Grandparenting Circle

If you're a grandparent, do you wonder about how to:


  • Navigate sometimes complicated relationships with your grandchildren at various ages?

  • Share legacies such as those of Jewish tradition, love, values, wisdom, and more that you want to pass down to them --- "from generation to generation"?

  • Communicate with your adult child(ren) and perhaps partner(s) about your connections to your grandchildren?


If so, we invite you to consider participating in a three-session Jewish Gateways Grandparenting Circle. 


We share thoughts and experiences and draw on relevant teachings from Jewish tradition about the topics listed above and more.


The group is led by Rabbi Bridget Wynne and educator and grandparent Adrianne Bank, who is active as a volunteer leader with Jewish Gateways and is the grandmother of five in an every-which-way blended family.


WHO: All grandparents are welcome. You don't have to be Jewish to draw on the riches of Jewish wisdom!


WHEN: We schedule groups when there is enough interest.


WHERE: We will meet at the home of a participant in the North Berkeley area.


FEE: The fee for the three-session group is $75.


QUESTIONS? MIGHT BE INTERESTED? Contact Adrianne Bank by email or at 510-847-8816.


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