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When Things Fall Apart: Jewish Approaches to Illness, Death, and Mourning

At some time each of us finds ourselves struggling with illness, mourning a loved one, facing death ourselves, or otherwise grappling with loss, suffering, and grief.

Jewish tradition offers deep wisdom for these life challenges, teaching us to look at life's difficulties, to seek strength, wisdom, and healing, and to enrich our lives by discovering meaningful ways to support one another.

Contemplating loss, dying, and death we create clarity of purpose in the present. What gives my life meaning? How do I want to connect with the person in my life who is ill or facing death? How do I want to be remembered?


Considering these questions, we learn how we want to live now. Being with others who are pondering such profound issues can be supportive, enlightening, and inspiring.


Jewish Gateways' three-session group exploring these questions is led by Rabbi Bridget. It offers a chance to speak our minds and our hearts in a safe, welcoming, and supportive space. There are opportunities to talk about personal experiences and challenges in small groups during each session.


HOW: This three-part series is offered when there is sufficient interest. Please send an email if you are interested.  


WHO: All are welcome. You don't have to be Jewish to draw on the riches of Jewish wisdom!


QUESTIONS: We welcome your questions by email or at 510-545-9977. 


WHERE: The group will meet via Zoom during shelter-in-place.


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