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Lox & Talks will be returning in the Fall of 2023!
Details to come

Lox & Talks: Soul Food for Parents 

Want to live a more authentic, meaningful, and engaged life, as a human being and a parent?


Amidst the challenges of parenting infants through preschool-age children, it can be hard to focus on the big questions of life.


Yet one of the most important gifts we can give our children is to live with intention and to share our deepest values with them.


Here's a chance to nourish ourselves and our families by reflecting on these issues in an open environment with other parents.


Rabbi Steph leads this series, drawing on Jewish values to help us explore how we want to live, as people and parents, and ways to bring our real lives closer to our intentions.


All are welcome, including single parents; adoptive parents; those in interfaith, intercultural, and/or interracial relationships; LGBTQ folks; and people of color.  


Both partners in two-parent families are encouraged to participate, but this is not a requirement. 

WHERE: We usually meet in the Berkeley-Oakland area in the homes of participants who would like to host.

HOW: The fee is $270 per family for 9 sessions.

We also offer a discount of $50/family for two families that enroll together if at least one of the two families is new to the program. 


You may divide your payment into three installments if you wish, or you may pay in full when you register.


To learn more about the program or enroll please contact Rabbi Steph by email or by phone 510-859-7866.

CHILDCARE: While the group is for parents, we encourage you to bring your young children. Infants can be with you in the group. Parents arrange and share payment for on-site childcare for toddlers and preschoolers, giving them a chance to play together while parents form adult connections.


BAGELS, LOX, AND MORE: Parents take turns bringing food to share. ​​

Comments From Participants

We look forward to this group. Getting out of the house when you have two little kids takes a lot, but my husband and I make it a priority because we gain so much from the sessions.

I found what I'd been wanting for years -- a place to be with smart, interesting, insightful parents, to look into big issues of meaning, in our lives in general, and as parents. Our sessions were one of the highlights of my month. 

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