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Meet Jewish Gateways Participants Dina, Alex, and Miriam Warshavsky

Dina and Alex Warshavsky grew up in the former Soviet Union, where they did not learn much about Judaism. Dina tells their story:


We are both from the Ukraine. Alex is from Kharkiv and I am from Odessa. Alex came to Memphis, Tennessee with his parents and brother in early 1990. My parents, sister, and I moved to San Francisco during the same time. Our respective grandparents came shortly thereafter. 


Growing up, neither of us had much exposure to Jewish culture. We knew that we were Jewish, but there wasn't much beyond that sense of identity. The one tradition we both remember from childhood is matzah on Passover. My grandfather brought home large sheets of it wrapped in brown butcher paper, tied with twine. Alex and his father even experimented with making their own one year when none was available. 


Alex, Dina, and Miriam celebrate Halloween at Miriam's school.

Alex moved to San Francisco in 1999 to pursue a career in software development. His brother followed a few years later to study at San Francisco State University, where I was. Alex and I met at a party thrown by his brother's roommate. We married in 2006, our daughter Miriam was born in 2011, and the three of us now live in Walnut Creek. 


Once Miriam was born, we had a strong desire to learn more about our Jewish heritage, for ourselves and for her. We felt it was important for our daughter to have a clear sense of Jewish identity. When we heard about Jewish Gateways' family learning program, Growing Togetherit looked like the perfect fit for us -- something that educates both kids and parents. We are happy to be in the program and plan to continue all the way through Miriam's bat mitzvah. Hopefully, she'll feel the same through the years. 

Learn more about the Warshavskys' story in the brief video below!

Growing Together is always open to new families. If you'd like to learn more, Rabbi Educator Stephanie Kennedy welcomes your email or your call at 510-859-7866.

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