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Shavuot, known as the Feast of Weeks, is celebrated seven weeks after Passover. It marks the traditional time for the wheat harvest in Israel and commemorates the day the Torah was given to Moses and the Jewish people on Mount Sinai.

The festival is celebrated with delicious dairy foods like cheesecake, blintzes, and kugels. The tradition of eating dairy foods developed as a way to symbolize the description of ancient Israel as a "land flowing with milk and honey.” Explore Shavuot recipes here

On Shavuot, the Book of Ruth is read in synagogues. This beautiful and compelling story, taking place during the harvest season, explores themes of loyalty and embracing Jewish tradition.

A fun tradition of Shavuot is the Tikkun Leil Shavuot, an all-night study session during which communities stay awake to study and learn together, symbolizing the anticipation and readiness of the Israelites to receive the Torah.


At the Jewish Community Center of the East Bay, we will be celebrating in this spirit with a Free Festival of Jewish Learning. Join Rabbi Bridget and Rabbi Steph on Sunday, June 9. Rabbi Bridget will lead "Living with Brokenness" at 3:00 pm and Rabbi Steph will lead a children's craft activity, "Crafting Midrash with Art and Science," at 4:00 pm. Find more info here.

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