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Jewish Gateways ...


  • Is an open community, creating new ways for individuals and families to connect with Jewish wisdom, spirituality, and celebration.


  • Brings people together for creative, participatory, and meaningful Jewish experiences. We invite you to explore Judaism and Jewish life in an open environment, at your own pace, and to engage in ways that you choose. 


  • Is rooted in Jewish tradition, blending the ancient and the modern into re-imagined Jewish experiences that address people's real lives. 

  • Is open and inclusive, welcoming people of all backgrounds -- Jewish, Jew-ish, part of a Jewish family, considering Judaism, or just wanting to explore, single parents, those in interfaith relationships, LGBTQIA folks, people of color, multiracial families, and spiritual seekers of all ages.


  • Draws on the riches of Jewish tradition to respond to:

    • The thirst for meaning, connection, celebration, spirituality, and community, and

    • Questions like, "How do I  ... live a life of purpose? ... respond to and grow from the challenges of life? ... make a difference in the world?"


  • Is experimental and evolving, seeking to create:

    • Flexible connections to Jewish community and tradition -- a variety of ways to engage, depending on your changing needs and interests, and

    • Sustainability -- the structure and resources needed to create an open, dynamic, and ongoing Jewish community.


Curious? Contact Jewish Gateways by email or at 510-545-9977 to learn more.

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