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Jewish Gateways B-Mitzvah* Program
Making the ritual relevant

Jewish Gateways' unique two-year program, rooted in family learning, is about more than just the ritual. Our B-Mitzvah program supports students (and their parents!) as they become teens, engaging them with Judaism that is relevant and meaningful.


Our program equips students with the skills and knowledge they need not only for a B-Mitzvah but as they become Jewish adults. 


*B-Mitzvah is the gender-neutral term for Bar /  Bat / B’nai Mitzvah


We welcome all: interfaith, intercultural, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, neurodiversity, low-income, single parents, grandparents, Jew-ish, Jews by choice, non-Jews, cultural and secular Jews.

No Jewish knowledge or experience necessary.

Who: 6th and 7th grade students and parents

When: We meet three times a month starting September 7, 2024 to May 17, 2025.


• Every other Saturday from 10:00 am-12:30 pm.

The third meeting is a family session. Scheduling is decided by B-Mitzvah parents and Rabbi Steph.

Where: Berkeley, CA

View Our Tuition and Program Timeline Here

What to Expect from Our B-Mitzvah Program

Ritual or Ceremony

Students demonstrate and share their learning and expertise. This can look like a traditional B-Mitzvah or something totally unique.

Optional Hebrew 

For those who would like to read Torah, lead Hebrew prayers in a service, or otherwise include Hebrew in their learning, we will provide support by connecting your teen with tutors and offer guidance.

Program Sessions
Running twice a month as part of our family school, Growing Together


  • Becoming a teen: Explore Jewish texts, values, and traditions that are relevant and helpful to students’ social and emotional lives as they become teens. Sessions delve into topics like dealing with anxiety and communicating with parents.

  • Jewish passport: Acquire the skills and knowledge to navigate Jewish settings confidently as you transition into adulthood, from mastering Hanukkah blessings to embracing holiday customs.

Family Learning

Engage in a once monthly session that fosters dialogue and open communication. During this time we might cook cherished family recipes, explore Jewish teachings, connect with spirituality through nature hikes, and discuss topics such as “How can teens and parents keep communication open?”

In-depth Learning Project

Delve deeper with passion projects: Uncover personal Jewish passions through in-depth learning projects, empowering teens to take ownership of their journey. Projects might include leading a Passover Seder, exploring Jewish cinema, or preparing for a traditional B-Mitzvah service.

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