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Justice Conversations

Offered by Jewish Gateways & Mindful Peacebuilding

Following the killing of George Floyd in May, 2021, several people in the Jewish Gateways community felt the need to come together and respond.


What emerged was a series of gatherings which became Monday Evening Justice Conversations.

Through small and large group discussions, we discover our own voices and directions for personal action.

Monday Evening Justice Conversations delve into the impact of contemporary historical and political changes on racial, environmental, and electoral justice. Participants actively seek knowledge about current events, available resources to address issues, effective communication strategies to promote Jewish values such as equality, respect, fairness, and responsibility, and ways to engage in activism. Sessions feature video clips, guest speakers, and interactive small-group discussions on the topics covered.


We gather online on the second and fourth Monday of each month, 7:00-8:45 pm PT.

To join the Conversation or to learn more, please contact Lyn Fine or Adrianne Bank

All are welcome at any time. No experience is necessary.

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