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Jewish Gateways is a growing and thriving organization! We have various volunteer projects that can be done from home.


To our volunteers:

Thank you so much for sending compassion and loving-kindness out into this world at a time when it so badly needs them!

Sewing and Rehabilitating Masks

Special thanks to Sherry Drobner for organizing our N-95 mask rehabilitation project! Have a stapler and want to help protect the community from Covid-19? It's simple. Contact Sherry for instructions and to arrange pickup. 

Our volunteers are also sewing fabric masks to donate to Berkeley's youth shelter, YEAH!, and other unhoused individuals in the Covenant House program. Contact Laurie to learn more about sewing and donating masks.

Thanks to Patti Bortman, Catherine Warren, Lex Schrader, Adrianne Bank, Cheryl Ziperstein, Rosie Kaplan, and Laurie Kirkpatrick for sewing and repairing masks. Margie Marks gets a volunteer supreme acknowledgement for the extraordinary number of masks she sewed! Wonderful work, all of you! 


Community Outreach

Jewish Gateways is committed to helping our community get through this pandemic together. Thanks to those who made outreach phone calls and responded to shelter in place needs: Connie Jacowitz, Sara Sunstein, Sherry Drobner, Linda Diamond, Maxine Berzok, Robyn Raymer, Stefanie Haffner, Patti Bortman, Cheryl Cleary, Dave Cleary, Yehudit Lieberman, Shelly Levinthal, Sandi Goldstein, Esther Dolowich, Katie Williams, Judith Reich, Adrianne Bank, Susan Worden, Molly Freeman, Beany Wezelman, Arlene Pearl, and Leann Ravanelle. We so appreciate you stepping forward to help!


Maxine Berzok, Arlene Pearl, and Leann Ravenel are working with Jewish Family and Community Services to reach out to seniors and Holocaust survivors during shelter in place. Connie Jacowitz organized and directed all of our outreach efforts. Cheryl and Dave Cleary produced an amazing list of Covid-related resources in the Bay Area and are currently assisting us with administrative duties.    


Catherine and Sandy Warren, Lex Schrader, and Lyn Fine have given many hours of their time to our community via ongoing groups: 

  • Catherine ran two groups on Managing Stress and Anxiety, which segued into an ongoing Pandemic Support Group. 

  • Sandy runs a weekly Coffee and Conversation group on Tuesday mornings, 9:00-10:00am, providing an opportunity for socializing, check-ins, and topical discussions.  

  • Lex ran a Pandemic Parenting Support group, which goes above and beyond her usual staff responsibilities.

  • Lyn Fine, Adrianne Bank, and Molly Freeman organized a group to address racial injustice and the lack of equity which have risen to urgent national attention in recent weeks. 

To learn more about our ongoing groups, contact Lex for information.


Looking for something else?


Contact Laurie, chair of our Community Involvement Team. She'll be glad to hear from you!

Volunteering is a good way to make a difference while connecting with others in our diverse and friendly community. We need your help with a variety of tasks and projects. Please be in touch so we can help you find opportunities that fit your schedule, interests, and skills.

Have a skill you think could help Jewish Gateways thrive, such as graphic design, social media, or proposal writing? Let us know and we'll find the right fit for you! 


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