While the pandemic has kept us physically apart for much longer than any of us expected, it has certainly strengthened our sense of community connection and responsibility. There are so many volunteers to recognize for their contributions to Jewish Gateways during these past ten months.

We called on more of you than ever for help during our online High Holidays. Volunteers filled 97 work slots over the Days of Awe, whether welcoming the community via Zoom into their homes for rituals, facilitating groups, serving as techs, musicians, or service participants. The personal involvement of so many made this season truly memorable and meaningful for all.

Our ongoing volunteer group leaders, Catherine Warren (Salon and Pandemic Support); Sandy Warren (Coffee and Conversation); Lyn Fine and Adrianne Bank (Racial Justice); and Lex Schrader (Rosh Chodesh) have developed and maintained active community groups during the pandemic, which takes a lot of preparation, organization and generosity of spirit.

Connie Jackowitz is running our new Chesed (loving-kindness) group! It provides meals and support to Jewish Gateways households in need of assistance, whether due to illness, a new baby, or other circumstances. This turned out to be a most timely development, as we have been able to offer help to Rabbi Bridget’s own family during the recuperation of her wife, Julia. Thanks to all of you who contributed a meal via Meal Train or purchased a meal gift certificate on their behalf through Chesed.

Yasher koach (great job) to our new music crew, Joel Siegel, Scott Williams, Cheryl and Dave Cleary, and Sarah Williams who have participated in ongoing Shabbat gatherings and worked together to pre-record music for the High Holidays and Hanukkah. Hearing your lovely voices, both alone and together, is a balm for the spirit in these times.

Thanks to Dave Green, Joel Siegel, Jim Kirkpatrick, Jess Kirkpatrick, and Susan Schulman for volunteering to offer tech support at all kinds of online events and meetings. We’d be lost without you, and you’ve found many of us who were!

Thanks to Sandy Warren, Ann Katz, Nancy Brenner, Connie Jacowitz, and Joel Siegel for our fundraising campaign mailing.

Thanks to Coleman Bass, who gave us the benefit of his expertise in social media and marketing.

And finally special recognition to Gina Kessler Lee, our current Federation Fellow, for many helpful contributions since she has joined us, especially in the areas of social media and grant writing. Gina will be helping us evaluate and codify our policies and procedures at Jewish Gateways.

Want to become a volunteer at Jewish Gateways? Here are some current ways to get involved.​

  • Join our Chesed (loving-kindness) group and hear of opportunities to make meals, run errands, or make outreach phone calls to those who need some temporary help. Know of a family or individual you think might need this kind of support? Let us know and we’ll make a gentle outreach to them. Contact Connie Jackowitz.

  • There are ongoing needs for volunteers with these skills: ability to technically host Zoom meetings and online presentations; proficiency with social media or graphic design; knowledge of marketing; interest in fundraising. Contact Laurie Kirkpatrick. Also contact Laurie if you have another skill you want to share, or just want to explore ways you might get involved with our friendly, diverse community.

  • A number of us are rehabbing unused but outdated N-95 masks for various medical care settings in Contra Costa County. It’s contactless, simple, and truly makes a difference. Contact Patricia Bortman.

May the year ahead bring us all greater health, prosperity and justice.



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