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Women's Rosh Chodesh Circle

Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of each Jewish month at the new moon, is traditionally a time for women to gather for renewal and celebration. 


Rosh Chodesh Circles meet monthly to give us an opportunity to create, play, teach, learn, and support one another, while drawing on Jewish tradition, spirituality, and culture. Members of the circle will take turns facilitating meetings.


We will focus on the meanings and themes of each Hebrew month, sharing ways they can help us explore important questions in our lives and our world.

All identifying as women, of all ages and backgrounds, are welcome. 


Miriam the Prophet


We want to have two Rosh Chodesh circles. The first, which includes topics related to motherhood and has members with young children, is in progress. The second circle will be open to all identifying as women, whether mothers or not, but will not focus on motherhood. We have extensive resources to draw on as content for this group, and are seeking a volunteer lead facilitator for it. Please contact us if you have questions or might be interested in either of these groups.

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