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Hilla Abel

Elizabeth Abel, in memory of Janet Adelman

Melanie Abrams

Josh and Yona Abrams

Jeff Achler

Ruth Adar

Joan Alexander

Diana Alves de Lima

Marilyn Ancel

Aaron Andalman and Wrenn Levenberg

Ilene Anderson

Morgan Anderson

Barbara Anscher

Holly Axe

Bobbi Bader, in memory of Findlynn and Ken

Adrianne Bank

David Bank and Amy Alaniz

David M. Bank & Cesar Chavez, in honor of Adrianne Bank

Andrew Banquer

Monica Baranovsky

Debra Barnes

Scott Barshay

Robert Bernstein

Maxine Berzok

Tim Bik, in memory of Jack and Kathy Bik

Tara Blau Smollen

Matthew Blecker

Robin Blum, in memory of Gordon Katznelson

Phillip Blumenthal and Katie Karp

Dan Bodner

Patricia Bortman

Annette Bourget

Marilyn Braiger, in memory of Angela Gold

Rebecca Brams

Lillie Braudy

Betsy Brazy

Michael Brenner

Nancy Brenner

Daniel Brooks

Tanya Brown and Ryan Keeley

Julia Bruce

Lara Buluç

Karen Buttwinick and David Greensfelder

Jan Caine

Brian and Kendra Chaikind

Suzanne Chasalow and Edward Bacchmann

Renee Cheney-Cohen

Bonnie Clare

Cheryl Cleary, in memory of Marshall Stanford Belkin

Jonathan Cohen, in memory of Manny Cohen

Joanne Cohn

Orli Cote and Ben Finkel

Peter and Judy Coy

Irv Cramer

Asher Davison and Sarah Cohen

Donita Decker, in honor of Shelly Levinthal

Corinne and Stephen DeLuca

Sarah Dentan

Anna Dorman

Ruth and Burt Dorman

Sherry Drobner and Miguel Espino

Nina and David Eisenberg

Glenn Elkins

Tamara Eskenazi, in memory of David Eskenazi

Steve Fainaru

Amanda Finkelberg

Terri and Richard Fleisher

Julia Fogelson

Lorien Fono

Howard Finkelberg

David First

Luna Frank-Fischer

Brittany Fraser

Marion Fredman

Marc Freedman, in memory of Bernard Freedman

Molly Freeman, in honor of Rabbi Bridget Wynne

Justin Fried and Emma Maack

Martha Friedberg

Spring R. Friedlander Trust

Dagmar Friedman, in memory of Ephraim Friedman

Nancy Friedman

Jennie Frisbie

Tami and Avi Gallant

Ariana Garfinkel

Perry Garfinkel, in memory of Donald J. Garfinkel

Sasha Gennet

Dan Gershwin

Carol Ginsburg, in memory of Abe and Goldye Ginsburg

Mark Glickman

Susan Gluss

Norm and Gina Gold

Stuart Gold

Tracey Goldberg, Paul Pierson, and Seth Pierson

David Goldstein and Asa Goldstein-Engqvist

Marvin Golenberg

Dennis and Marilyn Golin, in honor of Golin-Leonard Family

Ruth Goran

Sheryl Gorchow-Stuart

Dave Green

Kimberly and Cory Greenberg

Ralph Greenberg

Ellen Greenbery, in memory of Chris Walton

Ilene Grossman

Lynne Gurewitz

Myrna Gwynn, in memory of Gwen Rombom Blum

Margo Hackett and Robert Yagura

Arielle Hassid

Stuart Hellman and Marsha Weintraub

Lindsey Hendricks

Rachel Herndon

Helen Herzberg

Roberta Hespen

Rebecca Heyman

Nina Hido

David Hofmann

Paul and Lois Hofmann

Steve Holtzman

Carolyn Honey

Rachel Hurwitz and Martha Westland

Miriam Jacobs

Connie Jacowitz

Selma Jacowitz, in honor of Connie Jacowitz

Gary Jaron

Carla Javits

Christina Jin

Jerusha Johnson

Judy Kahn, in honor of Sarah Levin

Frances Kalfus

Anna Kamerow

Steven Kanner

Marjorie Kase

Ann Katz

Brian Keating

Anna Khazenzon

Jessica Kirkpatrick and Dave Fishel

Kathryn Kirkpatrick

Laurie and Jim Kirkpatrick

Laura Klein

Rachel Kleinman and Ilan Eyman

Daphna Klugman

Reta Krane

Susan Krane

Jonathan Kuperberg

Adam Kupersztoch

Sarah Kupferberg

Nicole Kyner

Ariane Lange

Todd Lash and Tracy Joe

David Leitner

Esther Lerman

Lorraine Lerman

Jodi Lerner

Ida Lessman, in honor of Jill and Hank Lerner

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"Several years ago, I attended Rabbi Bridget’s first High Holidays service. Like many others, I was deeply touched by the poetry of the prayers, beauty of the songs and music, and transforming quality of the message.


I have continued to participate in these services every year since, and afterward I share the prayerbook with my friends so they, too, can enjoy the grace and blessing of this experience.


Because I find spiritual inspiration in Rabbi Bridget’s services, I donate both time and money to actively support Jewish Gateways."


Susan Worden

Paul and Janet Levin

Sarah and Aaron Levin

Shelly Levinthal, in honor of Anita Gelman & Irving Levinthal

Reed Levitt, in memory of Isabel and Red Levitt

Alyssa Levy and Jaime Nisenbaum

Claire Levy

Deborah Lichtman and Ken Frankel 

Ivan Lieban

Yehudit Lieberman

Micah and Michele Liedeker, in memory of Angela Gold

Lori Lievore

Abby Lipman

Charles Lipper, in memory of Harry and Gertrude Lipper

Anna Sophie Loewenberg and Dennys Pena

Magda and Dan Lopez

Emily Luck

Bob Marcus

Elly Margulis

Joshua and Stephanie Markowitz

Mady and Mike Markowitz

Anna and Mike McGaraghan

Rebecca Menashe

Max Merkow and Emily Zazulia

Jared Michaels

Bernadette Miller

Liz Miller and Rhea Ewing

Barbara Mitchell

Michael Moreau

Jeremy Morrison

Norman Moscow

Becky Neiman-Cobb

Peggy Nesbit Bruner

Sara Newmann and Doug Sovern

Tari and Bill Nicholson

Kathryn Paisner

Anne Perkins

Johanna Pfaelzer

Elaine Pico

Juel Plotkin

Erika and Noah Pollak

Barry Posner

Joyce and Paul Pottash

Eric Prensky

Marcie Prohofsky

Gary Prost

Brooke Rawdin, in memory of Betty Rawdin

Naama Raz-Yaseef

Carol Read

Mona Reeva

Judith Reich

Charles Reichman

Glenn Reid

John Reynolds

Ilana Rieser

Sari Robin

Alberta Robins

Bonnie Roditti

Susan Rosenoff

Catlin Rosenthal and Matt Stolbach

Cynthia Rothbaum

Beth Rudolf

Alina Salganicoff and Louis Freedberg

Anna Saplitski

Elayne Savage

Jessica Schaffer

Matthew Scherling and Beth McGrath

Rachel Scholl, in honor of Bonnie Roditti

Amira Schwartz

Kay Schwartz

Alison Seevak, in memory of Seymour Jacowitz

Annette and Irwin Shapiro

Joseph Shapiro

Carole Shein

Debbie Shrem and Matthew Raimi

Noemi Sicheman

Danielle Siembieda and Bobby Gribben

Sarah Silverman

Deborah Simon-Weisberg

Julie Sinai

Katie and Lars Skjerping

Bobbi Sloan

Janet Smith-Heimer, in honor of Jessica Kirkpatrick

Nicole Smith-Maoz

Susan Snyder

Stephanie Sockel

Rebecca Sofer

Abbe Solomon-Vacek

Ellen Spitalnik, in memory of Marion and Leonard Spitalnik

Sally Spivack, in honor of Elinor Kaplan

Sally Spivack, in honor of Joel Spivack

Jasper Starbow

Kyle Steinfeld

Charlotte Steinzig, in memory of Donald Steinzig

Catherine Stern

Daniel Stern

Daryn Stier

Anna Stockklauser

Judy Stone

Ali Storm and Patrick Toerner

Dinah Stroe

Sara Sunstein

Lindsay Sweetnam

Sherrie Szalay

Anna Talamo, in memory of Richard Talamo

Rick and Nancy Talcott

Lara Tannenbaum

Orawan Techachoocherd and Micah Estes

Rachel Terp and Owen Poindexter

Merav Thomas

Charlotte Toothman

Tuğsan Topçuoğlu and Naomi Horowitz

Nick Trautman

Andy and Josh Varon, in memory of Jack Varon

Ellen Veomett

Juanita Walch and Mitchell Patti

Jed Waldman, in memory of Martin and Claire Waldman

Catherine and Sandy Warren

Nina Wasow and Travis Neal

Robert Waxman, in memory of Angela Smith Waxman

Michal Weber and Scott Sepke

Scott Weber

Don Weinreich

Rebecca Weinreich, in honor of Rabbi Bridget Wynne, Julia London, and Avi London-Wynne

Emmy Weisner

Paul Werner

Scott Wexelberg

Beany Wezelman

Susan Whitman

Mitch Wilks

Katie and Scott Williams

Sarah Williams and David Pon

Lynn Winter Gross

Josh Wirtschafter

Naomi Wizer-Green

Natembea Foundation, in memory of David Eskenazi

Linda and Steve Wolan

Rachel Wolan

Jacob Wolf

Janice Wood

Susan Worden

Miriam Zamora-Kantor in honor of Daphne Parson

Norman Zeiser

Cheryl Zipperstein