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We are committed to ensuring that financial constraints are never a barrier to participation. At the same time, we rely on tuition to sustain the program.

  • Parent(s) and first child: $3,000

  • Refer a friend! Refer a friend to our program and you and the friend will EACH receive $100 off the cost of tuition.

  • Payment plans: Tuition may be paid in installments.


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Financial Aid

We have financial aid available for those who qualify.

Apply for financial aid here.

What Does Tuition Include?

  • Engaging twice-monthly Saturday morning sessions from September to May for student(s) and their parent(s).

  • Monthly experiential family learning sessions to deepen knowledge and strengthen family and community bonds.

  • Personalized 1:1 meetings with Rabbi Steph for student support and project development.

  • Regular family check-in meetings with Rabbi Steph to shape the final ceremony/presentation.

  • Expert assistance and leadership from Rabbi Steph at the final ceremony/presentation.



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If you'd like to learn more, contact Rabbi Educator Stephanie Kennedy at or call at 510-859-7866.


First year:

  • Families meet with Rabbi Steph to discuss their hopes and goals, including the learning project and final ritual.

  • Students and their parent(s) attend our twice-monthly family school, Growing Together.

  • Students and their parent(s) participate in monthly family sessions to deepen family connections.

Second year:

  • Students and their parent(s) continue their journey at Growing Together.

  • Families attend monthly learning sessions for continued growth and bonding.

  • Students develop their learning projects with personalized 1:1 meetings with Rabbi Steph.

  • Families have regular check-in meetings with Rabbi Steph to prepare for the final ceremony/presentation.

  • Final ceremony or presentation

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