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Hanukkah: How to Light the Candles, plus Music and Stories


Download or print this handout with the words to the Hanukkah candle lighting blessings and a few favorite songs.


Below it are recordings of the blessings ... videos of the songs on the handout ... Hanukkah stories for children ... Hanukkah stories for adults ... and more Hanukkah music to enjoy!

Hanukkah Blessing - Light and Appreciate -
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Hanukkah Blessing - Remember Our History -
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Hanukkah Blessing - This Special Moment -
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Oh Hanukkah

This Little Light of Mine

Light One Candle

Two Fun Hanukkah Stories for Kids
Hanukkah Stories for Adults

"A Gift of Light" by Dvora Zipkin

"Sixth Night" by Temim Fruchter

"How to Spell the Name of God" by Ellen Orleans

"What Lights We Have" by David Ebenbach

"The Magic Candles" by Lynne Bronstein

"For The Days To Be Long Again" by Anna Megdell

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