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Second Generation: A Discussion Group for Children of Holocaust Survivors

"I thought I had processed how my mother’s experience as a Jew in Nazi Germany affected me, but I still find myself thinking and talking about issues related to her background. What’s been missing is sharing that impact with others with a similar history and learning more about common patterns." -- Katie, Jewish Gateways Second Generation group member 

Six of us, who are children of Holocaust survivors, formed a group in order to explore our shared history and its impact on our lives. 


We added other children of Holocaust survivors who also have a feeling that some pieces of the puzzle are still missing or who are just interested in examining our common legacy. 


We use written material and videos as resources and as jumping-off points to discuss common themes.

This is not a therapy group, but a discussion group with the goal of learning together in an accepting and supportive environment. 

The group is now full. We meet online because of safety concerns due to the coronavirus.

new Americans group.jpg

Themes we may discuss include: 

  • Family secrets--Not talking about “it”; talking about “it” all the time

  • Safety, trust, and protectiveness

  • Resiliency

  • Negativity

  • Shame/Guilt

  • Mental Illness/Post traumatic stress disorder 

  • Transitions and change


Might you be interested in participating in this group when space opens again?


For more information please contact Catherine Warren by email or at 510-558-0596.

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